Have you managed to get out and get your sunflower selfie yet?  Many farms in recent years have had to close due to unprecedented crowds.  There are still a few available so check before you head out.  Here’s a fun fact for you.

“Sunflowers” is tied up in the saga of Van Gogh’s severed ear.  In Arles, Vincent Van Gogh rented quarters in what he called the Yellow House and furnished a room to accommodate his friend Gauguin.  He planned to decorate the room with sunflower paintings.  Later, the Yellow House would be the scene of Vincent’s self-mutilation.

Water Lillies

When Monet wasn't painting the plant life on his property, he was remodeling its landscapes and gardens to better inspire his work, or as he put it, “I’m good for nothing except painting and gardening.” Basically, he created the perfect place for quiet reflection, then spent the rest of his days capturing it in oils. 


This particular beauty was captured on camera in McGregor Bay, Canada and doesn’t compare to the beauty created by Monet as shown above.

The water lily, flower for the month of July.

The Peony


What a spectacular flower.  The size of the petals and the scent is glorious.  They are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, however this lavish bloom can be notoriously difficult to predict as they are very weather dependent.  They can either take too long to open and develop or they lose their petals in a heartbeat.  

May Day, May Day

may flowers.jpeg

Cherry Blossoms

Leaves are finally on the trees everywhere.  The sights and smells are glorious.  Everything feels fresh and wonderful.  And the Cherry Blossoms - so beautiful and signs that all is well with the world.

April showers bring May flowers

snow crocus.jpeg

Harsh weather

creates the most beautiful pleasure

Or so they say.  This year has been a little different in that it's been quite snowy for most of April.  So what does Spring Snow bring?

Winter crocus' are peeking through the harsh cold white snow.  And what a sight for sore eyes.